Monday, August 31, 2009

Leads360’s explosive year

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Leads360 announced our 4,000th client today. It also coincided with it being a large win in Leads360’s newest vertical. Leads360 is a different company to the one that I joined 18 months ago and it has been exciting to see how the company has rallied around bringing on Jones International University. The level of enthusiasm for what we do and the potential for the education vertical seeps from everyone’s pores.

It’s hard to believe that just 18 months ago, although by far the largest Lead Management Software system in the market, Leads360 had sustained losses to our customer base due to our overwhelming exposure to mortgage where companies were going out of business left-right-and-center. Our mortgage business has grown a lot since then but more importantly mortgage now makes up much less of our overall revenues because of the dramatic growth of new verticals.

It has certainly been a fairly wild 12 months for everyone, to be growing revenues at 50% in a downturn creates a lot of work but it also creates a perfectly virtuous cycle. The growth has helped us hire new people and due to the recession the people that we have hired have tended to be A+ players, thus fuelling more growth. While I was at Bain we used to often talk to clients about what created an Unstoppable company, what I never knew as a consultant was what it was like to be part of one.

And now it looks like we are poised for even more growth, if most experts' speculation is correct, the lead industry is about to undergo a tectonic shift in importance and size. Being part of a company at the center of this seismic level of activity just gets better and better!

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